Knowledge About Literature History

Literature has a history which is famous due to his dominating power in writing like poetry, gazal, afsana, novel, nazam, short story. It is the national language of Pakistani Urdu is popular a lot of in India and almost used in Afghanistan.
Urdu holds a lots of material on Islamic literature and Sharia.Pakistani and Indian Christian often used Roman script for Urdu writing. Urdu have a vocabulary rich in words.The importance of Urdu is visible in religious world.
Famous Urdu personalities are achieve popularity due to their fantastic abilities writing in Urdu like Mira-al-urus, bani-tun-nash, Zindagi, tau-bat-u-Nashua, Sanaa-e-subtotal. It become embued many word from the regional language of Pakistan.there are many stat language Pakistan like as Punjabi, Ashton, postwar, hind, Harri, Shari, Baltic, we translate all these languages in Urdu. A most of newspapers are publish in Urdu like daily jang etc.

Urdu Novels