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Wedding Jewelry Ideas: Ideas for Elegant Fashion Accessories

Choosing Your Wedding Bands
The first choice many brides and grooms think about when choosing wedding bands is the metal they prefer. While many brides go with the traditional look of gold bands, others prefer platinum or silver. It’s best to choose bands which match your engagement ring, overall. Look for bands that will compliment the engagement ring and style, size and metal color. If your engagement ring is a family antique heirloom or of vintage style you should be particularly aware of choosing an appropriate band to accompany it on your finger.

While mens wedding bands are required to completely match their bride-to-be’s rings, some men prefer to have a unified look. Other men are going for more modern styles of wedding bands and are choosing celtic patterns, Irish patterns and even bands with a precious stone or diamond in the design .

‘Big Day’ Bridal Jewelry Tips
Even if your engagement ring came from Tiffany, chances are you’ll want to save a little money for your wedding day bridal jewelry and go with fashion jewels for your big day. Many brides choose to simplify their jewelry, especially since the main fashion focus is often directed toward the wedding gown itself. A single pearl necklace and matching earrings can create an elegant and flawless look on a bride. However, those brides who crave more sparkle can easily find crystal fashion necklaces and earrings to “bling up” their wedding day look.

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Bridal and Wedding Hairstyles for Long or Short Hair

Classic Wedding Hairstyles
For years brides have been wondering how to wear their hair on their special day. Some women dream of a traditional wedding look, complete with an elegant French Twist. Some of the most classic hairstyles include a high or low bun, ringlet curls, a curly updo twist and a bouffant. Classic wedding hairstyles often look very formal on any bride or bridesmaid in the bridal party. Most often, a classic wedding hairstyle will be completed and topped off with a beautiful traditional wedding veil.

Long Hair: Wedding Hairstyles
When you have long hair, choosing a wedding hairstyle can be a challenge. After all, you can wear it up or down, with ease. If you’re trying to create a romantic and fairy-tale inspired wedding theme, you may want to choose to let your hair flow in curls. However, if you prefer to be able to stay cool during your reception party, you can always choose to have it swept off of your neck into a braid with flowers. The best way to think about your long hair choices is to think about your dress. If you have a dress with great back detailing, you’ll likely want to wear your hair in an updo. However, if the back of your dress is not your focus area wearing your hair down is perfectly appropriate.

Short Hair: Wedding Hairstyles
Just because you’re hair is short doesn’t mean you don’t have options on your wedding day. Many brides with short hair are choosing to forgo veils and in exchange wearing beautiful tiaras on their wedding day. For a modern twist, messy curls can make a tiara look less formal and more chic. If a tiara isn’t your “thing” you can instead choose to use a sparkling hair clip, decorative bobby pins or even tuck a flower behind your ear for extra flair.

Modern Wedding Hairstyles
Creating a modern look on your wedding day is all about the simple and easy wedding hairstyles and accessories. Today’s modern bride often chooses to wear her hair down and straightened. The modern wedding hairstyles are less focused on curls and ribbons and more focused on looking polished, sophisticated and elegant. Instead of going for the same French Twist a bride wore to her high school prom, a modern gal will choose to keep her hair simple and fuss-free. Often modern brides will choose to go without a veil and will tuck one single flower bud behind her ear to complete her wedding look.

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