The Perfect Wedding Guest Outfit: Ideas and Etiquette

Seasonal Ideas and Tips
One of the main things to consider when trying to find something at Macys or Nordstrom for an upcoming wedding you’re attending is the season of the wedding. Whether the wedding is in summer or winter can make a huge difference on what you should wear. Typically, a summer wedding can call for a more casual look in wedding attire overall. Even if the summer wedding isn’t held on a beach, guests often wear beautiful summer dresses and men can even get away with forgoing a suit coat in many cases.
Fabrics are often lighter and free in flow and floral prints are extremely popular choices for wedding guests. Summer weddings also allow for brighter colors in dresses and short styles in length. However, keep in mind you should always dress appropriately and not show too much skin. In addition, flip flops are a “no-no” so choose dress shoes or even beautiful sandals.

Daytime or Evening Wedding?
The time of day a wedding is held is a great indication of what you should wear to the event. Evening weddings are traditionally more formal than afternoon or daytime weddings. If you’re unsure what to wear, you can always pair your little black dress with various accessories until you feel comfortable. Many women stick casual accessories and elegant accessories in their handbag to take along. Then, they slip into the bathroom after viewing the other guests to choose which ones to adorn.

Formal or Casual Wedding?
Many brides make it easy for guests and state on the wedding invite what type of dress is most appropriate. Some brides require black tie dress, which essentially is code for the fact men should wear a tuxedo and women should choose cocktail style dresses. If you’re still not certain what is most appropriate for the wedding, think about asking the mother of the bride. She may be able to help give you advice on what the bride expects of her guests.