Urdu Famous Novels

Mirat-al-Urus (The Bride’s Mirror; 1868–1869) by Deputy Nazeer Ahmed is regarded as the first novel in Urdu. Within twenty years of publication

Umrao-Jaan by Mirza Hadi Ruswa is also considered the first Urdu novel by many critics.

Taubat-un-Nasuh (Repentance of Nasuh; 1873–1874) by Deputy Nazeer Ahmed also focused on moral lessons for youth.

Fasaana-e-Mubtalaa (1885) was another novel for developing moral values and guidance for youth.

"Aag Ka Darya” by Quratulain Haider

"Udas Naslain” by Abdullah Hussain

"Jangloos” by Shaukat Siddiqui

Bina-tul-Nash- (The Daughters of the Bier, a name for the constellation Ursa Major) is another novel by Deputy Nazeer Ahmed. It was his 2nd novel after Mirat-tul-uroos. Like Mira-tul-Uroos, this novel is also on the education of women and their character building.

Zindagi (Everything Happens in Life; 1933–1934) by Chaudhry Afzal Haq describes the ups and downs of life for developing moral values and guidance of young people. His entire work is full of the teaching of moral values.