2.Lose Belly fat by Drinking Ginger Tea

You know that ginger is a natural digestive aid but did you know that ginger is a thermogenic?
Thermogenic agents increase body temperature thus helping burn fat more effectively.
Your belly fat may be due to one of the various reasons like overeating, age-related reduction of hormone, lack of exercise or stress.
Ginger can practically solve each of these issues. Ginger is also said to suppress cortisol production.
Cortisol is a steroid hormone essential for energy regulation and mobilization. So, have ginger tea daily to aid your efforts of losing belly fat.
How to make ginger lemon honey tea?


Water- 4 cups
Ginger (peeled and sliced)- 1-2 inch piece
Lemon- 1
Honey- 1 tbsp
Do this:

Boil the water.
Add ginger to the hot water and simmer for 5-10 minutes.
Remove from the stove and add lemon juice and honey to this.
Mix well and have a cup of this ginger tea in the morning.
To regulate your metabolism, stimulate your digestion and reduce your cortisol production, have at least 2 cups of ginger tea throughout the day.